What is the difference between Accounting, Bookkeeping and the services that Vector Business Solutions provides?

Vector Business Solutions has a staff of professionals with QuickBooks® application expertise, as well as business and financial expertise. Therefore, we are not ‘bookkeepers’, by the pure definition. Instead, we can provide bookkeeping services to companies that aren’t yet ready to have in-house finance staff. And, we can provide the setup and training for your in-house team. We can also provide oversight to your accountant/bookkeeper, through month-end review services.

VBS can help you identify which of your activities are best performed in-house or outsourced, depending on the size, skill, maturity, and needs of your business.


Does VBS provide ongoing bookkeeping services?

Yes we do – and by hiring VBS for these services, you gain one-stop support for all of the VBS services as your business needs change and grow. These other one-stop services include QuickBooks® systems setup, advanced features implementation and training, and financial services/reporting.


Do I need a company with these broader offerings at this time?

Using a firm such as VBS may be cost prohibitive if your company is boot-strapping a start-up concept. We are a professional services consulting firm. Just like your business may not hire a legal firm or CPA firm right away, you may not want to fund the implementation of software and processes until your proof-of-concept has been successful. Many start-up companies have an owner who tracks and manages the finances, and it doesn’t yet make sense to out-source any or all of the financial work, or to pay for QuickBooks® consulting to set up the financial and business systems.

Once your business activities begin to take off, however, you may find that the lack of consistent/repeatable systems and financial processes is causing you growing pains. Or, you are struggling with how to use your QuickBooks® software to its fullest potential. That is when it is time to call VBS for a consultation.

In some cases, even in the early ‘concept’ stages of a business, a VBS consultation and some initial assistance may help a business owner start off their financial management and system usage ‘on the right foot’. So, like all business decisions, we recommend the business owner(s)/investors review the pros/cons of using outside help (like VBS) for their QuickBooks® and financial process setup – and when the time and investment is right.

And, in the case where a business is funded by investors, banks, or other entities, it may be even more crucial to implement strong financial processes and systems immediately. In this case, we encourage you to contact us sooner than later.


How is working with VBS, as a firm, different than working with an individual consultant?

Some small businesses will obtain QuickBooks® ProAdvisor, Accountant, or Bookkeeper services help from an individual consultant. These resources can be found by internet searches and Craigslist and may be the best solution for the business needs. These types of resources are often available at lower hourly rates than a firm such as VBS. For ‘spot solutions’ such as AP data entry, or after-the-fact bookkeeping, a resource such as this can be useful.

VBS is a firm with multiple team members, with broad expertise and client experiences. We have standard mechanisms for tracking projects, support needs, and internal training. Our clients benefit from cross-client learning and leveraged materials. For example, we don’t generate QuickBooks® training documentation from scratch – we instead pull from our library of training procedures, developed over the years, and enhance this training to meet your needs. VBS provides ‘integrated’ services – including the system, the integration of Operations/Finance, the financial processes, and the accounting/bookkeeping.


Do I have access to other skillsets in VBS, other than my primary contact?

VBS is a firm with multiple team members, with broad education, expertise, business history and client experiences. Our engagements have a primary and secondary team member assigned, at a minimum. Many larger projects have broader teams. Your primary team contact will tap into the different team members for the needed skills. Do you have an audit request for an Equity Roll-forward? We have team members who can produce this. Do you need to implement Advanced Inventory with Multiple Inventory Sites? We have team members who have done this multiple times and we leverage their knowledge and skills. The VBS business model is to bring in the team member to provide you with the services you need.


I understand that VBS doesn’t provide CPA-type services (even though some of your team are CPA certified). Why not? And will you work with our current CPA?

VBS recognizes that audit, certified financials, and tax support are specialties that require very specific ongoing focus and education. We believe these services are best provided by a CPA, a CPA firm, or Tax Attorney. Our staff members are happy to work with your chosen CPA, as we work closely with most of our client’s CPAs. And, due to the advanced education and certification of our team, your CPA will probably enjoy working directly with us, too. If you don’t currently have a CPA or tax advisor, we would recommend that you obtain one for annual tax preparation, at a minimum. We can provide referrals to trusted CPAs in your area, in the case that you don’t have a firm identified.


What areas does VBS NOT support?

VBS does not provide services in the below areas, as these areas require very focused ongoing education, skills, and expertise. We do provide support and reporting to these functions and can interact directly with your chosen professionals in these areas. We also have some great referrals in some of these specific services – firms we know will treat you right in addressing these needs.

  • Tax preparation

  • Sales tax advisory

  • CPA/certified financials

  • Audit and certified financials

  • Forensic accounting and fraud review/detection

  • Public company cccounting

  • Information technology services

  • Other (non-QuickBooks®) financial/ERP systems implementation and support


What financial software does VBS support?

Vector Business Solutions has focused on the below software products for our certification and expertise. We find that keeping our focus on these products allows us to stay current in the features and functions, effectively, so we can bring the best uses of these products to our clients.

  • QuickBooks® Online (All editions)

  • QuickBooks® Pro (Desktop, server-based or hosted)

  • QuickBooks® Premier (All editions. Desktop, server-based or hosted)

  • QuickBooks® Enterprise (All editions, including Advanced Inventory. Desktop, server-based or hosted)


How does VBS access my financial system to provide ongoing support?

The good news is that there are many ways to accomplish this – and we fine-tune the method depending on our client’s IT infrastructure (or lack, thereof!) and needs. We will work with your IT support and/or other identified representative to determine the best approach for your installation. We always use unique QuickBooks® logon ID’s and passwords in order to keep your system secure and audit-trail in-tact and meaningful. Some of the various access methods are below:

  • Access client’s own QuickBooks® online account (VBS logs on as accountant for client)

  • Access QuickBooks® via client’s hosted environment logon (VBS logs onto client’s chosen hosting

  • Environment with a VBS-specific hosting logon)

  • Client is hosted on VBS hosting environment (client can have logons to this environment)

  • Use GoToAssist unattended session to ‘take over’ a desktop at the clients office location (typically done in a desktop or local-server based installation)

  • Client’s IT support provides VBS remote access to client server environment (usually a combination of VPN and RDP security is employed)