QuickBooks® Project Services

QuickBooks® Projects: What they are and when you need them.

Does your company need immediate QuickBooks® assistance, without the burden of a monthly retainer?

Maybe you have staff in place for your accounting needs, but they are currently too overwhelmed with other financial and administrative tasks to handle certain projects that need to be completed. This is where the Vector Business Solutions Ad-Hoc Project services shine. Specializing in QuickBooks®, our team of QuickBooks® Pro Advisors will be able to quickly, neatly and professionally handle any and all requests your financial division may need.


Service Highlights

  • Financial Clean-Up and Overview

  • Process Documentation, Training and Transition

  • Implementation of Advanced QuickBooks® Features

  • Inventory Tracking

  • Integration Assistance

  • QuickBooks® File Condense

  • New QuickBooks® File Set-Up

  • New QuickBooks® Set-Up for Acctivate® Integration

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VBS provides many types of project services with a project scope and plan to meet your specific needs. Some types of project services are:

Financial Cleanup/Review:
We see many financial files that have grown cluttered and a bit messy, over time. Sometimes multiple people have performed activities in different ways, over time, which can exacerbate problems. We will review the financials (without judgement!), recommend updates, assist/perform the recommendations and finalize financial reports. When current financial processes are contributing factors, we will also document updated procedures and train users in improved processes.

Process Documentation/Training and Transition:
We assist you and our team in identifying needed standard processes for your ongoing financials, including transactional processes (AR, AP, Payroll) as well as month-end close checklist (for reconciliations, adjustments, reviews, reporting). VBS will then train individuals on your team in these procedures, customized for your business. Many of our clients opt to have VBS provide some of these processes as outsource services – and we then include the transition of these services from in-house to VBS as part of this project.
Please see our Accounting and Bookkeeping services for more information.

Implement QuickBooks Advanced Feature(s):
We can help you take advantage of unused or under-performing features in your current QuickBooks® application, including order processing, job costing, advanced inventory management (e.g. multi-site, serial/lot tracking), and assembly build capabilities. VBS will assist in discovery/design, setup, training, cutover and support of your use of these new features.

Integration Assistance:
QuickBooks has many integration partners to help our clients gain additional functionality not inherent in QuickBooks®. VBS knows what questions to ask, and how to work with integrated software to make the most out of your multi-system solution. We will work collaboratively with your vendor partners and help discover/design, setup, train, cutover and support your chosen integrated solution. We can also assist with helping you determine if native QuickBooks® can support your needs, or if you might need an integrated solution.

QuickBooks® File Condense:
QuickBooks® offers a ‘Condense’ utility to reduce size of the file if it has become cumbersome and non-responsive. Although a great utility, it is not foolproof and does involve a level of expertise to execute properly, review, and finalize. VBS can assist you in determining whether or not you are a good candidate for this utility. Some things that may impact this decision are other integrations, and whether or not inventory features are used. VBS provides a full-service approach to the Condense utility – we take this process from beginning to end, including assessment, pre-test, integration testing, Condense, adjustments (for areas the Condense cannot handle properly) and final validation. This can usually be performed overnight or over a weekend to avoid impact to your business hours.

New QuickBooks File:
Whether you are starting a new business, changing business entities, or migrating from another financial system, we can help. VBS has tools and experience to support process design, data mapping, QuickBooks® setup, data import, training, cutover and support.

New QuickBooks® File for “Acctivate” integration: This is a specific type of project that out team has repeatedly performed successfully over the years. VBS understands the nuances of an Acctivate/QuickBooks® integration, and can help create the fresh QuickBooks® file to go with your fresh Acctivate file. We will work closely with you, your CPA, your Acctivate consultants and IT to make this transition smooth.